Want to be a SAHM and a freelance writer?

Just sent off an e-mail with some advice to another mom who is trying to increase her freelance writing pay, and thought I should post it here as well. Maybe there are others who would be interested. Nothing really profound or deep in my advice...just some resources that I've found helpful:

Hey, M-. Well, I would say ramping up your income is a bit of a slow process, as you must build your clip portfolio and locate new employers. Here's some resources I'd encourage you to explore:

  • I really do get good work from oDesk.com. The biggest thing with finding work here is you HAVE to be picky. Only apply for jobs you're genuinely interested in and only apply at the rate you want to make. If the employer doesn't want to pay that, move on. NEVER waste your time on the millions of low paying jobs that are listed on there.
  • Have you looked into magazine writing? Get an online subscription to the Writersdigest.com magazine guidelines and start pitching mags. Doing that is where my career really took a giant step forward, and now that I have magazine writing experience, I can command a higher pay.
  • Read this blog: http://www.makealivingwriting.com/  Lots of great stuff.
  • Read this book: Writer's Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing
  • Find a writing niche - what do you know and what are you good at?
  • Pursue copywriting. There's very good money in that, and I've only scratched the surface of that market myself - not enough time in the day and too many little kids to corral! But if I was serious about generating more income, I'd pursue that without a doubt.
I hope that helps. As I'm sure you've discovered, it takes a good bit of work to get good work! But it does pay off. Good luck!


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