Sonlight Core B (or 1): Week 4

Why did Sonlight have to change core names on me? That's so confusing...though I'm sure there's a method to their madness. Well, whatever the case, here's my list of hands-on activities we'll be doing for Core B's fourth week. (And I should note, I'm using the 5 day schedule, but only schooling for 4 days each week. Thus, ever so slowly, my weeks are becoming different than Sonlight's weeks!)

Peoples of the World / Houses & Homes:
  • During breakfast, listen to a variety of world music and discuss the different sounds! Spanish guitar, Arabic Ud, Sitar, Bagpipes, Indonesian xylophone, African drums
  • Watch video of flamenco dancing.
  • Notebooking: Put different types of houses on the timelines.
  • Use modeling clay and construct some houses for show & tell!
  • Mud is everywhere! Easy for anyone to build with. Create some mud bricks in ice trays. Put them in the sun to dry. Later, use them to make a structure.
  • As we learn about tents in Houses and Homes, we can also read this go-along - Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping  
Animals of the World
  • Watch video about baby loggerhead turtles
  • Read One Tiny Turtle
  • Give each girl 8 cards, each containing one of the living things from the science game below.
  • Play Food Chain Game. Let them both click on the living things.
  • Then, as read about each of the animals, have them lay out their cards to represent who eats who in the food chain. Then finish the online game. 
  • Play Camouflage game


    Chareen said...

    So pleased we found your blog! We are starting with Core K (I purchased in 1998) I agree about Sonlight changing Core names but ...

    I was reading the catalog the other day about why they did that and can now agree with the method in their madness :)
    you can read about it on page 156 in their 2011/12 catalog.

    To quote Sonlight: "many of the Core Programs now have letter names instead of numbers. This helps show that each Core works well for a range of ages and grades."
    "It’s easier to accept that Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2 can be used effectively by a 5th grader if it’s called Core D rather than Core 3. Even though Core 3 was always meant to serve a wide range of ages and grades, that number always got in the way."

    Thank you for your ideas.
    The mud bricks you made were they just sand and water ?

    Julia said...

    Hey, Chareen! They are actually made of clay. Where I live in the Southern US, most of our dirt is clay. Bad for gardening, but good for dirt blocks. :-)

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