Math Games: Early Elementary


Teaching the Concept of More/Less:
  • "Run for More": Put pairs of object groups around the room; some with more, some with less. I’ll call out either “more” or “less”, and they must run to the correct group.
  • “Slap!” Divide deck of cards in two. Each player draws a card and compares - which number is bigger? Slap the one that is biggest and add it to your pile!  
  • "One Less Dominoes": Start by playing the double 6 or double 9 domino. The next player must try to play a domino that is one less (or one more). The first player to put out all his/her dominoes wins! 
Teaching Addition: 
Teaching Subtraction:
 Teaching Measuring:
Teaching Place Value:
  • Place value game - A fun and competitive game that provides extended reinforcement of the concept of place value.
Teaching Coin Values
  • Put a handful of loose change in a bag or cup. Have one child reach in and pull out a coin or just shake one out in front of them. Then the child chooses a silly activity to do the number of times the coin is worth, such as sticking out your tongue, touching your toes, pumping your fist in the air, jumping, just anything.
  • Free coin value worksheets

Teaching Multiplication:
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