Bible Bites, Week 2: Jesus Starts His Ministry

I had so much fun doing interactive Bible study with Mr. Moose this past week. As the 3rd child, he's definitely missed out on some of the fun PreK stuff I was doing with his sisters when they were 2 & 3. By pre-planning, hopefully I'll be better this year about giving him his own special PreK experiences.

Day 1: Jesus at the River
  • Show Mr. Moose pictures of his siblings. Talk about how each of the kids are part of our family.
  • Read "Jesus at the River", pg 260 (Matt. 3:13-17)
  • Point out that Jesus is God's Son, just like Mr. Moose is my son, and that God loves Jesus very much. (I know there is MUCH more to this theologically, but we're staying simple right now!)
  • Have some water playtime!
Day 2: Jesus in the Desert
  • Take a walk outside. Talk about Jesus walking for a long time in the hot desert. He probably got really hungry and thirsty! Then "find" some bread. Does Mr. Moose want it? We can't have it right now. We'll have to wait!
  • Sit down and read "Jesus in the Desert," pgs 262-263 (Matt. 4:1-11)
  • Talk about how Jesus obeyed God even when he was really hungry and thirsty. He always obeyed! 
Day 3: Meeting Jesus
  • Tell Hudson about a special treat. Does he want to tell his sisters about it? Let him go tell the news. When he gets back, sit down to read the Bible story together. 
  • Read "Meeting Jesus" pgs 264-265 (John 1:35-47). Andrew was so excited about finding Jesus he had to tell his friends! 
  • Let Mr. Moose call Nana and tell her some exciting news. 


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