Sonlight Core 1: Week 2

Here's the list of hands-on activities we're going to do for week 2. Please e-mail me or leave a comment if you have any further suggestions!

Peoples of the World:
  • Read Now We Can Have a Wedding
  • Talk about what foods looked good, what foods looked bad.
  • From sheets bought at Goodwill, dress up in sarongs, saris and turbans. Take pictures and put in Notebook.
  • Paint our faces or coloring book faces, then take pictures! 
World of Animals
  • Watch Lights, Camera & Highspeed Action
  • Read Hungry Animals
  • Place your animal cutouts from the story onto different colored squares. Start with any animal and then put what animal you think would hunt it in the square next to it or place an animal you think it would hunt in the square before it. Do all animals eat other animals (carnivores)? Do all animals eat plants (herbivores)? Do some animals eat both (omnivores)? Now, try putting the animals into three columns according to what kind of food they eat!
  • Animals senses: Hearing - Play "What Is This Sound?" and "Guess Who I Am?"
  • Senses: Bug eyesight - Make a mosaic picture to illustrate how bugs see


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