Gardening Unit: Days 1-3

This week we've been doing a garden/plant unit study that I devised with the help of Evan-Moor's Learning About Plants (Grades K-1).  This is the first time I've attempted to do a unit study where everything wasn't already planned out and I've been very pleased with the results so far. It's been incredibly fun and the girls have been learning a lot. Plus, it's been a nice break from our normal school routine...a break I needed! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures as my husband requisitioned the camera for his own use this week.

Here's some of our activities, though I'm withholding the ones that came directly from the Evan-Moor book. (Which, BTW, is totally worth the purchase price. It's packed FULL of great lesson ideas, activities and read-aloud suggestions. It's been a good fit for my 4 & 5 (almost 6) year old, though some of the writing has been a bit much for Sweetness (the 4yo). I just have her dictate the answers to me or help her write something simple.)

Day 1:
  • Circle Time: Look at pictures of state tree and state flower. Work on address song.
  • Read Pearl’s First Prize Plant & The Rabbit in the Garden
  • Learn about characteristics of living things
  • Decorate terra-cotta plant holders to use for planting their personal flowers
Day 2:
  • Circle Time: Look at pictures of state flower and state tree. Work on last name song.
  • Read Sunflower (FR) and Flowers
  • Look at a picture of a flower. What are the different parts? See how many the girls can name (flower, stem, leaves & roots).
  • Now dissect a Lily. Point out the 4 parts of the bloom (Petal, Stamen, Pistil & Sepal).  
Day 3:
  •  Circle Time: Look at state flower & tree pics. Then see if they can describe from memory.
  • Read One Bean and Paddington Bear in the Garden
  • Examine roots from different outside plants.  Have the girls draw pictures of the roots and put in lapbook.
  • Plant beans in clear plastic cup and watch them grow! (EMP-K; Use page 32)
  • Fill pots with dirt and plant seeds.
  • Make some Coffee filter flowers
Review plant part names by playing Make a Salad


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