Sonlight Core B (Core 1): Week 7

Hmmm - so I'm not very good at updating our Sonlight hands-on activities! Sorry. Miss Precious, though small, has caused my free time to shrink to almost nothing.

Here's what we did for week 7:

Animals of the World
  • Listen to rainforest sounds
  • Watch video of Anteaters
  • Giant Anteaters mini book
    • Walk on our knuckles: Anteaters walk on knuckles
    • Try to get candy out of bottle using our tongue. Now try again with straw: Anteaters’ nose allows them to go deep into the ant nest
    • Blindfold and look for something by smell: Anteaters find things by smell; eyesight is not good
  • Read Soaring with the Wind by Gail Gibbons
  • Do Eagles Nest & National Symbols minibooks from HSS

Houses and Homes
  • Try handwashing some socks or other items of clothing like the Indian women did.
  • Do the Follow thePlan activity
  • Read Alphabet City and A Year in the City
  • Make our own city
Akebu to Zapotec:
  • Locate Papua New Guinea on the map. Do minibook
  • Talk about how the Elkei people live in the jungle. Color some jungle pics
  • Color flag and put on poster
  • The country has amazing butterflies. Make a butterfly craft


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