Sonlight Core B (Core 1): Week 6

Ahhh. I'm sitting in Panera, sipping a soda, enjoying a bagel and getting a few quiet minutes to myself. I've been reading through others' blogs and thought, "I should update my own blog as well!" So, here's our latest round of activities for week 6 of Sonlight. I actually took pictures this week, but don't have my memory stick with  me. Maybe I'll add them later...

Houses & Homes:
  • Made a project from The Ultimate Building Book. We made a newspaper strut teepee. The first version kept collapsing and testing my sanity. The second version (with much stronger struts) lasted 2 days and restored my faith in my engineering abilities. 
  • Played "Build a House" online game
  • Made igloos with marshmallows and toothpicks. Fun idea in theory. It was a disaster in practice. Our igloos looked more like teepees (according to Happiness), but at least they were fun to eat.
  • Looked at pictures of Coober Pedy
  • Created our own underground homes out of sheets and blankets.
World of Animals:
  • Read Littlest Llama - excellent living book on the wildlife in the Andes mountains
  • Watched video of leaf cutter ants
  • Created a rainforest canopy poster. The girls got to each choose an animal from each layer of the rainforest. We then found coloring pages for those animals, and while I was creating the canopy poster, they colored there pictures. Mr. Moose even got in on the fun and colored his own Toucan. He was very excited to add it to the poster. 
Homer Price:
  • Created a large ball of string (actually, we didn't do this. I had planned it, but forgot to buy string in advance!)
  • Created a safe bug trap 


Mandy said...

I love seeing what you all are doing! We are slowly making our way through week 2 of core B. We spent a lot of today catching up on Animals of the World!

Julia said...

Thanks, Mandy! Life is so busy here that I'm behind in posting. Are your kids enjoying Animals of the world? Mine sure are...

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