Valentine's Day Party Ideas

I just love Valentine's Day with my kiddos. They take such great delight in the making, giving and receiving of Valentines that it has become a holiday we just HAVE to celebrate. In order to maximize the fun this year, we're throwing a party on Valentine's Day for several of the girls' friends. Just in case you're interested in putting together your own party but searching for ideas, here's the list of what we're going to be doing. (I'll update with pics after Monday.)

  1. Everyone arrives. Play Doggy Doggy, get your Heart (my own take on the "Get Your Bone" version)
  2. Hide sparkly beads all around the house. Go on a treasure hunt to locate. After the beads are found, pool all of them, then divide them up for bracelet making.
  3. Create Valentine’s Mailboxes
  4. Play “Heart or Cookie”. This is another game I made up my own version of based of the Family Fun "Taco or Bridges" activity.
  5. Get in a circle and pass out valentines
  6. Cake Walk for dessert then snack time!: I'm planning to make these Sweetheart Brownies,as well as provide bags of candy hearts
  7. If more time, make valentine magnets with shrinky dinks!
Do you have any great Valentine party ideas? You can check out this Valentines' Party post over at the Homeschool Village for more ideas.


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