The Blessing of Drowning

I'm reading the first book in the 2-volume biography of Hudson Taylor, Growth of a Soul as one of my books of the month (trying to read 3 books each month). During his first several months in China, he was tried and tested in innumerable ways. He felt helpless, frustrated and discouraged, drowning in circumstances beyond his control and to which there was no apparent solution. Not exactly the victorious missionary life by any means!

The book's authors point out how necessary this season of trial was in preparing him for his life's work. Their insights were challenging to me, so I thought I'd share them:

That is how it has ever been, ever must be with the people of God. Until we are carried quite out of our depth, beyond all our own wisdom and resources, we are not more than beginners in the school of faith. Only as everything fails and we fail ourselves, finding out how poor and weak we really are, how ignorant and helpless, do we begin to draw upon abiding strength. "Blessed is the man whose strength is in Thee"; not partly in Thee and partly in himself. The devil often makes men strong, strong in themselves...the Lord on the contrary makes His servant weak, puts him in circumstances that will shew him his own nothingness, that he may lean upon the strength that is unfailing. It is a long lesson for most of us; but it cannot be passed over until deeply learned.

Words I need to hear concerning a lesson God wants me to learn. I would highly, highly recommend this book set. You can read Hudson Taylor: Growth of a Soul for free online or can order the books from Amazon.


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