Firm Foundations 1:1

Scripture: "For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth..." (Col. 1:16) - Memorize this verse to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". Create your own actions to accompany the verse or use ours:
  • "For by Him" - Point up
  • "All things were created" - Pretend to hammer, making one hand a fist and banging it on the open palm of the other hand.
  • "Things in heaven and things on earth" - Hold hands up high, then shake them arcing downwards as though drawing a circle.
Catechism: Who made you? God.  What else did God make? God made all things.
Explain to your children that you are embarking on a project to memorize a list of questions and answers about God. Then practice this week's Q&A together.

Creation Lesson, #1:

  • Read the creation story, days 1-3
  • Start Catechism Notebook, Week 1 page:
    There are two options for your week 1 Notebook page.
    -Minibook: Use this minibook and just color the appropriate pages each day.
    -DIY: Make your own minibook which you'll add to throughout the week.  In the first space, glue a white circle on top of black construction paper.  For space#2, paint the bottom half blue, then glue cotton balls to the top half.  In space #3, glue sandpaper on the bottom for land. Then add a green handprint for a tree, along with flower stickers sprinkled throughout.
  • Snack: Eat Oreos (symbolizing dark & light) and grapes!


Tammany @ godluvzu2 said...

You had me at "Eat Oreos"...LOL :)
But seriously, I'm loving your Bible Study for little ones. I have a 2.5 & 4.5 that I am doing a character curriculum with and we are starting with Creation, I am looking forward to tying in your Bible study with this as well.
Thanks for all the wonderful extra ideas to enrich our studies.
Have a Blessed year

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